fetzer: street & art photographer in berlin

Drag the grey slider over any of the below images to see some examples of our before-and-after work. Compare a normal, single-exposure photo to the fully lit, staged, and retouched photos. If you’re on a mobile device, simply tap the images to see the difference.


CUT 2014

The primate of the cannibalcapitalism is the yield maximisation and not the guarantee of the human worthiness terms. Our state and also our society won't stand these assets of totalitarianism with this butcher system any longer.

Images by Fetzer

A Garden of Dreams


German soldiers are back on Russia's borders as if there were not the 27 million dead Soviet citizens, not 2,000 km of burned Soviet earth, not the more than 600 downsed villages of Belorussia, not the million starved people during Leningrad's blockade , Not Stalin-grad, which was destroyed except for the foundation walls.

Images by Fetzer